The Giant Panties of Pregnancy

At somewhere around the 25th week of my pregnancy, I realized that my underwear weren't really serving much of a purpose anymore. I'd not wanted to buy new EVERYTHING to accommodate my new figure, and I'd hoped that at least my pre-pregnant underwear would continue to suffice. I toughed it out for a few more weeks, but finally, as my baby-belly hung over an increasingly-uncomfortable red line around my waist from the elastic band, I realized I'd have to do what I swore I never would: I bought granny panties.

I'd eschewed the things for years. Why would anyone ever want to wear underwear that came up so high? How can your belly button breathe with panties touching it? It's shameful! It's not sexy! In all my judgment, I never conceived of a time when it would make sense to have underwear that came up nearly high enough to meet my bra.

That is...I never conceived of it until now. I am in love with the giant panties of my pregnancy. I embrace them. I own them. And at least for today, as I waddle my way through the last weeks of pregnancy, I swear I'm never going back.


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