200 Words: Day 2

I’ve already missed a day writing my 200 words. I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time committing even a small space to nurture myself in this way. Being a mama is the hardest, most wonderful job ever. I get lost in it, loving my baby girl. I know, though, that I’m a better mama to her when I take good care of me, and writing is part of how I love myself well. So, here I am on Day 3 doing Day 2’s work. It’s ok. I’ll do whatever it takes.

Speaking of my lovely little girl, I’d like to write about her now. She has the most beautiful toes. They’re pink and tiny, and they have sweet little nails on them. She loves her feet as much as I do. One of her favorite games is for me or her daddy to pretend to bite her feet while making a monster sound. Sometimes, if she’s lying on her back on the bed, she’ll stick her feet in my mouth to get me to bit them. I like watching her develop her own little sense of humor. She’s a funny girl, and a pretty girl, and a smart girl. The best girl ever.


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