Day 5: 200 Words

It’s been over a month since I made a measly attempt at writing a measly 200 words. I’m a terrible writef, apparently. I used to be prolific. I wish I could get a bit of that old, indefatigable me back. I wonder what happened, besides having a kid and selling all my words to The Man. The Man is nice, though. He pays well, offers health insurance benefits, and sends me on nice trips for conferences. I do miss when all my words were my own, though. I wonder if I could find a writing workshop online that might help. I’d like to write a poem again. Secretly, sometimes, late at night, I’ll write a little. I use the notepad in my iPhone. The poem-like things I’m writing are terrible and humiliating. I can’t forgive myself for them. I used to write nice poems. Now I’m struggling to yammer on for 200 words about how I don’t have enough words, except for the ones that I sell. What a mess. Here is my vow: when I finish writing the 25 words needed to complete these 200, I’m going to find a writing class online that I can take for free.


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