What is content strategy?

Content strategy is untangling - unloosing ontological threads and weaving them into something new, useful, coherent - and when all the pieces really fit together - elegant.

Content strategy is cooking - combining ingredients precisely, adding a little of this or that, to make something consumable. When it works best, we create delight.

It's worldbuilding - making something from nothing. Casting vision where there had been components, features, bits, shapes.

Content is everywhere, and without a meaning-maker, it becomes a cacophony. Content is chaos without strategy. Content strategy creates symphonies from sounds.

Content strategy is playing god - creating the master story that connects concepts and drives meaning.

It's provocative and antagonistic. It doesn't always play nice or feel good. It's uncomfortable, but it holds you in. Content strategy is Spanx.

There are tools, terms, and ways of doing the business that require apprenticeship and mentoring to master. It's a craft.

It's precise. Surgical, even, in its consistency, clarity, and coherence. We remove the toxic and enhance the desirable, leaving the healthy tissue behind - tissue that can grow.

It's powerful, lifting the droll to the expansive. Making sense from nonsense.

It's also delicate, like any ecosystem. It has to be nurtured, and it can be destroyed if it isn't protected.


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