Year End Review

Persophone by Kalliope Amorphous
Don't be afraid to speak up.
It's important to be heard -
but also, make sure that you aren't too loud. 
Show up, 
but not in a way that's intolerable. 
Work hard, 
but don't wear yourself out. 
Be a tapestry, 
and account for every thread - 
never threadbare. 
Be everything to your children - 
you are their world. 
They are your world. 
Let them free. 
Let them feel their feelings 
and burn from the consequences of their bad decisions. 
But if they fail, you fail. 
Be bigger. 
Brighter. Quieter. Listen. 
Don't let them talk over you. 
Know when to back down.
Please expand while you contract.
Fire your ice. Ice your fire.
Be a bird, but dirt. 
Fall in love, but you should have known better. 
You should have left. Why did you leave? 
Never be complacent, 
but sit back and listen. 
Learn. Don't you know enough by now? 
Can't you be pretty? 
Can't you calm down? 
You are very lazy. Too ambitious.
Why do you work so much? 
Do you smell fresh? 
Get some sleep. Don't sleep in.
Can you be more like a melody and less like a symphony? 
There are secrets to owning your beauty when your knees are bloody and your eyes black. 
Do you know them? 


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