Tree pose is generally a sweet pause. At the end of the rigorous, sweaty sun salutations, the big, muscular twists, and the intense focus of the balancing, it signals the end of the more rigorous parts of a yoga practice and the descent into the floor work. It's an easier pose, but it allows for enough challenge to make it interesting.

Lately, though, I cannot get my foot to stick to my inner thigh. I have no idea why - it just doesn't stick. It's like my pants are slippery or my feet are weak. While I've been working at home and practicing yoga almost every day, poses that used not to be achievable for me have become more and more accessible. But tree? Sweet, easy tree? I can't do it. It's humbling.

I'm choosing to keep my feet grounded and embrace the pause. I kickstand the toes of my foot that should be off the ground and feel the earth, solid, beneath my feet. I breathe deep, expand my chest, and pull my spine into the center of my body. I extend my arms above my head and close my eyes, and feel the depth of my roots. I won't be ashamed that I can't hold up my leg. I'll embrace where I am today, enjoy the tension between the grounding and the opening, and make the most of it.


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