Acrylic pour on canvas.

What kind of word is why?
Why is why in a sentence?
What does WHY NOT mean?
Why is - a definition?
For what cause, reason, or purpose.
The reason for which.
That is why he returned.
Why may refer to causality, a consequential relationship, or reason.
I embody my ancient wisdom, and I am open to the divine spirit within.
Why is the sky blue? Why did you do that to me?
You can find clarity, meaning, and fulfillment.
Why overcoming this virus is the first hurdle in a long journey.
Why I hope to die at 75.
Why economic forecasting is so difficult in the pandemic.
Before we decide what we do and how we do it, we first ask why.
Explain why it's happening and why it matters.
There are 13 reasons why.
Why is the roadside grass so high?
Why did the rod burst into blossom?
Why was Abel killed by his brother?
Why does this person receive divine favor?
We're humbled every day.


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