3 of Wands

You stand, gazing over a cliff. Your back is turned, and the sea is smooth.

You're planning for the future with more conviction.

The horizon is vast. You can see all that lies ahead.

It's a large, blank canvas. 

Pour yourself out onto it, and when you make a mistake,

pour it out again. And again. Once more.

There may be unexpected delays and creative blockages.

You may lose sleep,

or find yourself lost in the folds, deep and layered.

You get little breaks and wins here and there

in the grueling, miserable process of survival,

but it frequently dips back into the flask held to her lips.

These setbacks are an essential part of your life's journey and contribute to your personal evolution.

The mood is strikingly well integrated, 

like the beginning of an idea unfolding into reality.

Stake your claim - you can be firm. 

Create your masterpiece.


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