Day 3: 200 Words

A few days ago, I was mad at my husband. It wasn’t a big-deal mad, but I was tired, recovering from a cold, and caught up in the general busy-ness of having a toddler and working full time. I wanted some attention and help from him, and I had a little fit about it all.

I realized something, though, in the midst of that mini-meltdown, about marriage and trust and love.

My husband is not perfect. Sometimes, he’s going to make me angry. He’s going to be self-absorbed or inattentive or forget to empty the dishwasher. But even when I’m upset with him, I know that he’s working on becoming a better man. I can trust that he is doing the best he can in that moment to be the best husband to me and father to our girl that he can be, and I can trust that he wants to do whatever it takes to make our marriage strong and happy.

In so many ways, that’s all I ever wanted. I’m also not perfect, and I’m going to screw up sometimes, but I can promise to do my best to get it right, to sacrifice in love for him.


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