Day 4: 200 Words

I’m thinking about my baby. Imagine that. I think of her all the time, her little heft. Her little hair. She calls her hair “bow,” because bows go in her hair. She also calls my hair, “bow,” including my eyelashes and eyebrows. This morning, she pretended that she was going to nurse her daddy. It’s one of her best jokes. She bends over his futile nipples, mouth open, and then sits up and laughs and laughs. I love it that she tries to amuse us. She sometimes bites my feet, and looks up in my eyes to make sure that I have noticed that she is being funny. Another great joke in her arsenal is to blow bubbles in the bath tub. That’s a good one. Lately, all she wants to eat is cheese. Her teacher says that she starts shouting, “Cheese!” as soon as the lady delivers food to her classroom. I pack her lunch, so she doesn’t eat what the food lady delivers, but I guess she knows it’s time to eat then. She’s so smart and growing so much, running around and learning new words all the time. She’s the most magical girl in the whole world.


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