All I can remember about that time is that
I felt like nobody going nowhere.
Do you remember who we used to be?
Don't condemn yourself, full-throated.
It's a story nobody cares about.
It's ok. Don't worry.
No one knows anything.
No one, nobody, nothing, nowhere.
Do you remember where anyone is going?
He wants to remember. She needs to forget.
I remember you.
I only know it's true because I remember saying it out loud - 
I am the owner of my life.
Why? Maybe it's because nobody can back you down.
No, this girl is going to get home safe tonight.
Nobody ever goes to see her.
Nobody is going to remember.
Nobody will be as sorry as you are.
Nobody is going to give you anything.
I remember several different possible futures.
Take a step back in time with us -
the idea of oblivion.
The liberating feeling.
Roll the stone back into place.


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