It was quite a wonderful thing, 
the rush of dopamine that the brain releases on first falling in love.
Am I your woman?
Breathing in and out like nothing could go wrong.
That’s all I need to know for now. 
That’s all I want to know for now.
Cupid strung his bow with a thousand smiles,
but only one matters.
We think each new romantic prospect is a destination,
but really, we're just tacking into the wind, 
but still, you held my hand like you were glad I didn’t leave.
Each new lover is a fresh start, 
each new trajectory determined by the last.
I’ve yet to make sense of what you’re here to teach me.
Love is the only adventure,
plotting a jagged yet unbroken line of reactions through our lives.
I put down my bag and quietly go to your bed, 
lost in the senseless, scrambled power,
moving slowly between the sheets of moments I don’t want to leave
and it is quite a beautiful thing the way you have no idea,
the way I smiled and so did you.

The way I took off my shoes and lingered.

Thank you for staying.


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