Poem: The Things I Found When I Googled the Phone Number of a Date Who Stood Me Up

Overrealism: The train started at ten o'clock to the minute.
You can't sell it. I will stay in New York for five days.
We're giving a dinner for him,
but still, others are traders who have always lived by trading.
They continue to follow their traditional ways.
How much are the Pokemon balls from Burger King worth?
Is Victor Cruz a better route runner than Steve Smith?
Is there anything happier than a high school graduation?
That is the formal standard, though -
if she flies, it's from my motion.
His sister is shy and awkward.
You can't see her.
What else would I do on a Monday night?
Available, available, available. Tell me more!
Have you ever had a heart attack?
I did not fail to grasp it:
She always wanted love.
Rotten wood is not suitable for pillars.
A vile person doesn't fit into superiors.
Lunch wasn't that great.


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