Do I need a certain knowledge or skill level?

The tiny pillbugs were hard to find, and it wasn't helpful that the children were excited.

Their habitat was built - meticulous with acorns, logs, a rock for hiding, and some mossy soil.

They're more closely related to shrimp than the insects they live among.

We flipped rocks and logs, churned the soil, and found worms. 

The ground was wet, and they were fat.

God gave us armor so we wouldn't be soft like the worms,

but we forget. It feels like a burden most days,

so we walk out, soft and exposed. 

We feel bare.

Caked with blood, it was unwise to go defenseless.

We found the bugs on a trail and pitched them into their jar. 

They hid. We foresee fire and destruction.

Our favorite weapons are useless, so we pray.


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