The things we throw away.

Get rid of extra parts of machines you no longer own.

There are likely clothes you'll never wear again in your closet. 

Get rid of them, and resist the urge to smell hints of your past 

that might be hidden in the seams. 

Old lipsticks may retain traces of kisses you regret. 

From the window, you may see your neighbors fighting. 

The man hangs his head in his hand. 

She's had enough today, but you'll see her car come back before evening.

It's a pretty universal response to any negative accusation. 

Nobody wants to admit or think that they're part of the problem. 

If you need to rid yourself of negative thoughts, 

try physically throwing them away. 

When large groups of people stand together for an extended period of time,

singing and cheering, they might experience the terror.

You'll be sealed in up to your neck until you hear strange sounds. 

Worms churn decay, making it into something new. 

It's easy to be mindlessly wasteful. 

It's very frightening. The people you love might not come when you call to them. 

You may not feel much about it either way.


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