A cyclical pattern

a set of self-reinforcing mechanisms

a single, tiny mistake

held tightly,

held in bondage. 

Slowly burning, but it sort of grows on you. 

No seriously, I lie awake thinking these things.

Millions of people know the feeling of hopelessly trying to wiggle out of a vise

passed down from generation to generation. 

Vodka -

it's an integral component

that is utterly unsuited to this crisis,

intellectually or temperamentally.

Spilling onto everyone, 

the messy crowd,

the usual, silly suspects. 

We've just muddled along

with weaknesses or tendencies.

Who we are is shaped by where we came from. 

With great diligence, you can end it. You get to decide. 

So many endless thoughts,

they tied up my hands.

You really missed the mark

You want to move. 

So that's all right, then?


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