The position of the artist is humble. 

She is a channel. The block makes the movement

or flow difficult or impossible. 

It's the basic unit or structure. 

It can be hollow, and it can serve a particular purpose. 

It can be large or solid. Small and inconsequential. 

Stepping on the smallest bits can cause intense pain.

Having a small blockage leads to an effect more like friction or chafing than a true block.

Sometimes, you won't need mind tricks to create real, volumetric objects. 

It's data you record, permanently.

It creates an inability to access. 

As the blood begins to flow more quickly, it's possible to break down the blocks.

Slowly, over time, they erode. 

If you don't remove the block and a strong force begins to gather behind it, 

it's possible that a rupture could cause damage. 

She blocked river. 

Even kayaks couldn't pass her. 

And when the tides changed, she moored - 

blocked from completing her journey.


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